Version 1.3

Here it is, latest and greatest :) Version 1.3 now has the ability to resign your IPA files with a new provisioning profile.

I’ve managed to finish the version 1.3 this week. I’ve tested it and it should work just fine, if you run into any problems please let me know. You can download it by using the download button on the right side, or you can use the built-in updater and update to the latest version.

Old school it is

I decided not to distribute this app on the Mac App store. This way will be much more interesting to me, and a great chance to learn something new.

Anyway, you have the download button on the right side, go ahead, try the app. If you have any comments and suggestions feel free to use the Bugs & Features page, i will probably implement the ideas that get the most votes (and fix the bugs of course :) )

The app now has an option to check for updates, I’ve tested it, it should work just fine, you can set it to check for updates automatically, or you can check manually.

Hope you like the app.